July 1991

The Start - NuSoft

NuSoft, solely owned and operated by Robert Tomlin, was started in July of 1991 to service the needs of the up and coming area of desktop and networked computers. In addition, there was a relatively new area called the World Wide Web. Companies wanted a prescence.

NuSoft answered this call by developing desktop and client server software. The relatively new markup language HTML along with a web site was used to give companies a prescence on the World Wide Web.

In addition, NuSoft facilitated training in many of the software packages coming up but more importantly, training software developers. This included classes for programmers as well as on-site training and consulting.

March 2015

Today - Nilmot Solutions

NuSoft was renamed Nilmot Solutions, LLC in March of 2015. No particular reason. Still solely owned and operated by Robert Tomlin.

Our mission is still the same. Provide quality software solutions. In the ever changing IT environment, Nilmot Solutions finds itself still creating web sites using a variety of languages and frameworks but finds itself also working in the AWS and Azure Clouds

Facilitating training is still something we provide but on-site consulting and project management is more often the norm.