How We Help - Your Business

Is your IT department short staffed?
Do you have too many IT projects or difficulty with Project Management?
Is there a lack of resources or time for development and maintenance?
Is your DevOps not running smoothly?
At Nilmot Solutions we specialize in web-based software solutions using .NET, JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks and Node.js to build Responsive solutions for hosting in the cloud (AWS and Azure) or at your data center.

We work with all aspects of the software development lifecycle from Project Planning, Analysis and Design to Development, Testing and Maintenance.

How We Help - Development

Web Applications hosted in your AWS or Azure cloud, on Premise or Hybrid.
Utilizing EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda, API Gateways, Application Load Balancers, Cognito, App Services, Functions, Logic Apps and more
  • Solutions leveraging:
    • Frameworks/libraries such as C#, VB.Net, .Net Core, Angular, React, Vue, Node and others
    • Databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB and others
  • Responsive Solutions
  • Full Stack Development

How We Help - Training/Consulting

We can bring new developers up to speed on new technologies
Provide experienced developers by bridging gaps in knowledge
Perform code reviews and mentoring
On or off-site training
  • C#(MVC), ASP.NET, JavaScript, NodeJS, PyThon, React, Angular, Vue, Responsive Website Design
  • Visual Studio, VSCode, Eclipse, MyEclipse and NetBeans
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB and others
  • Amazon Web Services: EC2, RDS, S3, Connect, ElasticSearch, Lambda, AP Gateways and more
  • Azure Cloud Services:  App Services, Functions, Logic Apps, Azure SQL Server and more
  • All aspects of Project and Resource Management
  • Open Enrollment Courses at CCWA (individuals or businesses)